Yama Arashi☆Tonight (ヤマアラシ☆TONIGHT Yama Arashi Tunaito?) is a song sung by the idol group Yama Arashi.


Japanese Kanji Japanese Rōmaji English Translation
覚悟はいいかい?Are you prepared?
つれてくよ君を 夜のサバンナへTsureteku yo kimi wo yoru no sabanna heWe'll take you to night's savannah
僕たち夜行性なのさ TONIGHT!We are nocturnal tonight!
驚いた?odoroita?Are you surprised?
背中の刺は ダテじゃないThe torns on back aren't just for show
起こすぜ嵐 YAMA・A・RA・SHIWe make storm, YAMA A RA SHI
小さくたって MU・TE・KIchisakutatte mutekiEven though we're small, we're invincible
足でドラム 刺を打ち鳴らせ
ライオンだって逃げ出すぜEven lions will run away
そう 僕たちは YAMA・A・RA・SHIsou bokutachi wa yama a ra shiYes We are YAMA ARASHI


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