aka Buttface McGee

  • I live in Hanoi, Vietnam
  • I was born on August 13
  • My occupation is I live with my Brohams, I like to laze around all day
  • I am Grill
  • Kazoozie
    • "God I love these nuts they feel so good in my mouth!"
    • "I wonder how many of these nuts I can fit in my mouth?"
    • "Nuts just taste so good!"
    • "Fuck I almost choked on these nuts."
    •  *Gargles on nuts*

    And that's what I think about most of the day okay time to get to work. Since no one is really working on the episode summaries I'll edit them to the best of my ability. I'll try to get up to episode 3.

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  • Kazoozie


    June 24, 2013 by Kazoozie

    Recently I have been sleeping  days at a time again ( because you know I am a lazy bum). And I remembered that I had responsibilites here so yeah I'm back. Probably be out for as long as that again.

    I'm always at the chat so talk to me there if you need anything or message me on tumblr

    Ok bye

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