Tsukiko (月子 Tsukiko?)
is a young Asian black bear and former crush of Grizzly.


Despite being a black bear, her fur has a brownish hue, she also wears the same school uniform as Grizzly and Polar Bear, plus a bandana on her head.



Polar BearEdit

They only knew each other for a short time, mainly because Grizzly had forced him to spend time with her, but they got along well. When Grizzly had found her school badge after she lost it, she mistook him for polar bear.


Though they never met face-to-face, Grizzly clearly had feelings for her, but was too afraid to go up close to her out of fear that his gruffness would intimidate her, and was devastated after hearing she would be moving, though he did find her school badge she had lost, and thanks him for finding it, (though she thought he was Polar Bear). Whether or not she was aware of his interest, let alone his presence, is forever a mystery.

Abilities and PowersEdit