South Pole Squadron Penguinger (南極戦隊ペンギンジャー Nankyoku Sentai Penginjaa?) is a popular play at the Zoo, as well as the main group in it.




  • Adelienger (アテリンジャー Aderinjaa?) - Played by Adelie Penguin, the leader of the group. His signature move is Adelie Kick (アデリーキック Aderii Kikku?).
  • Gentooger (ジェンツージャー Jentsuujaa?) - Played by Gentoo Penguin, a member of the Penguingers. Her signature move is Gentoo Flipper (ジェンツーフリッパー Jentsuu Furippaa?).
  • Chinstrapger (アゴヒモジャー Agohimojaa?) - Played by Chinstrap Penguin, a member of the Penguingers. His signature move is Chinstrap Beam (アゴヒモビーム Agohimo Biimu?).


  • Emperor Penguin (コウテイペンギン Koutei Pengin?) - Played by Penguin.
  • Rockhopper Penguin (イワトビペンギン Iwatobi Pengin?) - Played by Rockhopper Penguin.


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