Chara namakemono

Sloth (ナマケモノ Namakemono?) is an actual sloth known for being very sluggish, even in his voice. He appears rarely, but is great friends with Polar Bear and Panda.


Sloth appears as a normal sloth and rarely wears cloths. He has tanish-brown fur along with three, large claws. He is mostly seen hanging on to his portable tree.


Sloth is a very sluggish character- he tries to help out, but he is too slow.



He's good friends with Sasako and wants to repay her for always carrying him to places.


Sloth also seems to be friends with Tortoise, probably because of their similar walking speeds.

Abilities Edit

Sloth usually moves and talks slowly (see trivia), but doesn't really have any helpful or special abilities.


Sloth is brought by Sasako to the Cafe. Polar Bear mistook him to be another job applicant, but he simply wanted to live in the cafe's backyard.


  • He is voiced by Kishō Taniyama
  • Whenever Sloth becomes drunk he speaks more quickly than usual, much to others' surprise.
  • He lives in a tent.
  • His mailbox has a bunch of old newspapers in it.