Shirokuma Cafe ExpressoEdit

Volume 1Edit

Chapter 1Edit

  • Mutoha (無糖派 Mutouha?, "Sugar-free")
    • Mutoha (無党派 Mutouha?, "Independent")
    • Butoha (武闘派 Butouha?, "Combative")
    • Mitoha (未踏派 Mitouha?, "Unexplored")
    • Kamehameha (カメハメハ?)

Chapter 2Edit

  • Yujo (友情 Yuujou?, "Freindship")
    • Dojo (ドジョウ Dojou?, "Loach")
    • Kosho (コショウ Koshou?, "Pepper")
    • Kunsho (勲章 Kunshou?, "Medal")
    • Gassho (合唱 Gasshou?, "Chorus")

Chapter 3Edit

  • Snobo (スノボ Sunobo?, "Snowboard")
    • Meibo (名簿? "Name List")
    • Meibo (目イボ Me-ibo?, "Eye Wart")
    • Volvo (ボルボ Borubo?)
    • Golgo (ゴルゴ Gorugo?)

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