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Polar Bear's Cafe (しろくまカフェ Shirokuma Kafe?) is the main setting of the show.


Coffee-roasting plantEdit

Vegetable GardenEdit

Prairie Dog's Herb GardenEdit

Lemurs' Cheese WorkshopEdit

  • Lemurs' Cheese Workshop (キツネザルのチーズ工場 Kitsunezaru no chiizu koujou?)



-HorribleSubs- Polar Bear Cafe - 05 -720p-.mkv snapshot 21.00 -2012.05.04 21.48.13-

From left to right: Bear Bear Parfait, Panda Parfait, South Pole Parfait

  • Green Tea Parfait (抹茶パフェ Maccha Pafe?)
  • Strawberry Parfait (いちごパフェ Ichigo Pafe?)
  • Banana Parfait (バナナパフェ Banana Pafe?)
  • Choco Parfait (チョコパフェ Choko Pafe?)
  • Japanese style Parfait (和風パフェ Wafuu Pafe?)
  • Panda Parfait (パンダパフェ Panda Pafe?)
  • South Pole Parfait (南極パフェ Nankyoku Pafe?)
  • Bear Bear Parfait (クマクマパフェ Kuma kuma Pafe?)

Unused ParfaitsEdit

  • Mandrill Parfait (マンドリルパフェ Mandoriru Pafe?)
  • Large serving Grass Parfait (草大盛りパフェ Kusa oomori Pafe?)
  • Shell Parfait (甲羅パフェ Koura Pafe?)
  • Bamboo Parfait (竹パフェ Take Pafe?)
  • Sardine Parfait (イワシパフェ Iwashi Pafe?)

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