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Emperor Penguin (Aptenodytes forsteri)


Episode 1

Japanese Voice

Hiroshi Kamiya

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Penguin (ペンギン Pengin?), also known as Emperor Penguin (コウテイペンギン Koutei Pengin?) is a customer at Shirokuma Kafe.

He runs a blog where he writes about his love for Penko. He is trying to earn his driver's license so he can take her out for a drive.


Penguin has a the colorations of his species. While he doesn't wear cloths often, he is seen wearing a scarf and a panda custom in the opening sequence.


Penguin generally acts as the tsukkomi to Polar Bear and Penguin's puns and silly acts. He often tries to act knowledgeable when he is actually not, and often blames his failures on others (e.g - when he is unable to learn how to drive, he blamed that the coach was not patient enough).

He has a huge crush on Penko, but has been too shy to ask her out, or even talk to her. 


Polar BearEdit

Main article: Polar Bear Penguin is a regular at Polar Bear's Cafe. He is a friend of Polar bear's and usually acts the tsukkomi to the latter's puns. Polar bear has given Penguin many advices and much encouragement to approach Penko. 


Main article: Penko Penko the female emperor who works in a bakery and is Penguin's love interest. Penko is a nickname that Penguin gave her due to not knowing her actual name. Penguin has a huge crush on Penko but was too shy to talk to her, which lead to a huge misunderstanding when he does ask her out, when it turned out that "Penko" is actually 7 identical twins. Without knowing this Penguin has accidentally invited all of them on a date, and was dumped by all of them when they arrived.

Abilities and PowersEdit


  • Nankyoku no Blizzard (南極のブリザード Nankyoku no Burizaado?, literally meaning "Blizzard of the South Pole"):
  • Penguin no Izumi (ペンギンの泉 Pengin no Izumi?, literally meaning "Penguin's Lake")