Chara lion
Lion (ライオン Raion?) is an anthropomorphic lion and a secondary character, plus a friend of Tiger and Wolf.


Lion is usually seen wearing a business attire. He wears a white formal long sleeve, green tie and a dark-colored coat. On holidays or on his day off, he wears a sleeveless parka with a sweater underneath.


Even though he is a wild animal, he´s very kind and well mannered. He´s also there for his friends and he always supports them.


He gets along very well with Tiger and Wolf as the three have been friends for a lot of years. In episode 34, Lion said that once when Wolf opens his own bakery, he will invest in it.

Abilities and PowersEdit

He´s good playing baseball.


In episode 26, Lion arrives late to his friend´s reunion at Grizzly Bar, because his flight got delayed. He tells the guys that he´s working at a large-scale company. Later, as the guys comment about their favorite rap singer, MC 469MA, Lion tells them that MC 469MA is a person of the past because he disappeared out of nowhere. Tiger and Wolf start to berate Lion for leaving earlier, because he´s having a brunch tomorrow. Suddenly, MC 469MA appears and throws them a little concert, much to the trio´s shock and happiness. Lion decides to hang out with his friends a little longer, not caring about the brunch anymore.

In episode 27, Lion plays baseball in the wild animals team against the zoo animals team.

In episode 28, Lion goes to Polar Bear Café during his day off and he shares a seat with an old lady. The old lady is at first nervous, but they get along very well and have a talk while leaving the café.

In episode 34, he supports Wolf on his dreams of having his own bakery and he even said that he will invest in it.

He attends the christmas party at Grizzly Bar´s and The New Year´s eve party at Polar Bear Café in episodes 37 and 38.

He appears in episode 49 and attends to the cherry blossom viewing party in episode 50.