This is the 26th episode of Shirokuma Cafe.

¨The new Panda¨Edit

Full-Time panda is putting ads into tissue packs because he got a new child. Panda helps him and they attract the attention of the visitors. Mr. Handa have a word with the two pandas and tell them that doing side job is not good because everyone thinks the zoo must be in hard times. Kirino announce that a Temp Panda will start to work at the zoo next week. Full time panda gets worried because he or Panda could get laid off. Temp- Panda stars to work at the zoo, but 'Panda doesn´t like the way Temp panda laze around. The zoo announce that they will be holding an election to vote for the cutest panda. The three a lot of cute stuff like laze around and play to attract the attention of the visitors. At evening, they announce the results: Temp Panda gets 1st place, Panda gets 2nd, Mr. Hada 3rd place and Full-Time panda gets 4th place.

¨Reunion at the Grizzly Bar¨Edit

At Grizzly Bar, Tiger meets up with Wolf as they´re having a reunion, While Lion arrives, because his flight got delayed. The Two friends stars to talk, Tiger tells Wolf about his family business and that he´s having a sixth child. Wolf tells Tiger he´s still working at Monkey´s bakery, and Tiger tells Wolf about the idea of becoming independent by opening his own bakery shop. Lion arrives and the three have a toast. Lion tells the guys that he´s currently working at a large-scale company. The trio begins to remembers their youth and the stuff they did, like hearing Hip Hop songs specially the songs from MC 469MA, a rapper who mysteriously disappeared years ago. Lion decides to leave earlier because he´s having a brunch with a client tomorrow, which cause Tiger and Wolf to berate him. Suddenly MC 469MA appears out of nowhere and gives a little concert to Tiger, Wolf and Lion. The trio decides to hang out a little more for the rest of the night. Later, we learn that Polar Bear is actually MC469MA, who decide to throw the little concert for the guy´s in honor of their reunion.

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