Episode 02
Everyone's Cafe / The Cafe's Flower Viewing Party


みんなのカフェ / カフェのお花見


Minna no Kafe / Kafe no Ohanami


April 12, 2012


Boku ni Invitation



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Everyone's Cafe Edit

Panda-kun, Pengin-san, and Llama-san come up with ideas if they operated their own cafe. Panda dreams of a mellow cafe with panda-themed decorations and bamboo-derived dishes. Mr. Penguin thinks of a cafe with a menu centered around alcohol and raw fish. Llama states a cafe similar to a cat cafe, in which patrons can groom and walk llamas. Each of the eatery ideas are rejected by Shirokuma, who favors Llama's-san Cafe.

The Cafe's Flower Viewing Party Edit

The cafe patrons go to a flower viewing party where Mr. Penguin gets extremely drunk and rambles about a penguin he likes, unintentionally sharing his proposal words and a poem. Sloth goes to the convenience store to buy a drink, only to return at night. He and Polar Bear enjoy the night blossoms together.

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